We are about to eat you, we are about to spit you out! – World Eater.

There's a hazy quality to my mind that first night of October. After a hard day’s work, I have to get to Black King’s Bar and distribute Man Overboard flyers with an empty stomach while waiting for my band mate, JM. We took a cab and gave out flyers when we arrived at the venue. After 10 minutes, "Dead On Arrival" started to play, one of Laguna Hardcore's outfit, followed by "Piledriver", a beyond-active band in the hardcore scene, who also played at Johor Bahru Malaysia Sound festival a few months ago.

Unfortunately, the kids were reluctant to mosh that night. The management of BKB prohibited moshing due to the incident a few months ago where the entrance's glass door smashed to smithereens and the management was afraid that it might happen again.

Piledriver guitarist Rodney Reyes did not bother removing his guitar because his other hardcore metal band "Brawler" from Sta. Cruz, Laguna followed. "Blunt Concept" played some cuts from their EP album entitled DAGGERS which was launched last month.


World Eater, Take the power back.

The main act, World Eater, was excited to play. Guitar riffs, bass lines, rushed hype vocals and staccato beats which are most likely NYHC style songs filled the air. Kids started to build up and as what was expected; they moshed in front of the stage. After 5 minutes, when World Eater was just starting to heat up their set, one of BKB's personnel unplugged the sound system and exaggerated "BOOS" filled the venue. In fairness to the management, they were worried since the mosh pit was building up and preventing any damage to their property is what they have to attend to the most (for them) and least to the organizers, bands and the audience's needs. But the organizers fixed what was about to become a disastrous night, with BKB's cooperation they both agreed that any damage that will be caused by that night's event will be under the organizer's responsibility. The bar's management apologized to the organizers for unplugging and interrupting World Eater's performance. World Eater continued their set and played songs from their “Wormfest” album. They also covered some songs from Cro Mags (New York Hardcore) and Boston’s straight edge SSD (Society System Decontrol). After their set, everyone packed up their stuff and went straight to Sta. Rosa, Laguna for their next show the following day, Oct. 2.

World Eater 2nd Leg: Intimate Night.

After office, I went to Sta. Rosa, Laguna via Balibago Jam Liner at Kamuning for the 2nd show of World Eater. The location was at the 2nd floor of Tata Tem’s Bar. The said show started at 9pm, Dead on Arrival opened the show and was followed by another LHC hardcore crossover metal Unheard. Piledriver performed again that night in their hometown with the support of Laguna Hardcore Crew and some representatives from Cavite.

While World Eater's setting up, a few kids looked exhausted already. Other attendees clustered in the venue like a smoldering fire, everyone was suppressed of oxygen, but what do we expect in a HIT EVENT. I was one of those who were at the pit that night, I longed for this kind of event; moshing with the Laguna Crew.

World Eater was delighted that night because moshing was allowed and the attendees increased. The venue was brimming with driven expectants, the aura inside was as if we were strangled 'till we're out of breath and most likely asphyxiated and because of this the drummer stopped for a while, hydrated himself and continued playing. The band's vocalist, Alex expressed their gratitude to the boys of DOA and Piledriver for helping them out during their tour here in the Philippines. At around 11pm, the last leg of the tour ended, I had a little chat with Alex about some of the bands they played with, like our brothers and sisters from Netherland’s All for Nothing and No Turning Back. Railroad Records’ Honcho, Howell Casacop and Dead On Arrival’s drummer Darrel Alinsod accompanied them to NAIA for their next show in Thailand. They arrived there safely and was met by our brothers from Holding On Records and Thailand's straight edge hardcore band, Monument X.