Way back in 2002, I watched Payable on Death-P.O.D at Le Pavilion Tent in Pasay City. That time, tickets are free on Satellite (2010) titled album. Its 11 years ago but the memories are still flickering in my mind.

The set was not enough but it was an amazing experience, the venue was jam-packed with anticipating rockers, everyone's neck to neck for their tiny spaces making themselves comfortable with each other's sweats just to get satisfying views of the band from the pit and I myself can't breathe, it was suffocating.

The venue was filled with smoke from cigarettes and five fingers which made me dizzy actually, that's why I decided to went out of the venue and refresh my lungs with fresh air while P.O.D's playing "Youth Of Nation."

Sept 27, Dutdutan Trece Day One: After work, I rushed to World Trade Center Pasay and attended my first Dutdutan convention. As I watched P.O.D.'s set I felt goose bumps in my skin, excitement in every inch of my system, that first sight of them after a decade and a year was nostalgic.

Their first song was "Boom". They also played "Murdered Love", "Lost In Forever" and "Beautiful" from their 2010 album Murdered Love.

Old hits like Southdown and their anthem songs Youth of the Nation and Alive made the crowd sang along and moshed. After the set, the time I spent waiting was worthy because I was fortunate to meet and greet POD's front man/vocalist Sonny Sandoval and Traa Daniels, unluckily the other 2 members were partying outside their dressing room, yet that experience was inexplicably the best!

Killed some time before POD's set, I roamed around the venue. I noticed that the exhibitors' booths are well organized, each and every booth have their own tattoo shop's name and labeled where they came from in the Philippines, as well as the other Asian countries who participated in the festivity. Got some photos from Sarah Gaugler while doing her masterpiece.

The URCC mixed martial arts patrons yelled for their bets then the show girls allured everyone by shaking their booties and yes majority of the men raised each gadgets they had; trying to capture photos of those sexy, sweaty bodies on the stage.

Local bands like SkyChurch never fail to make the crowd sing along and chant their favorite songs while moshing with the band's respective hits, it actually felt lacking because they played 2 songs only. 2nd to the last band was Top Junk, an electro-pop rock band and Mr. Dong Abay started their set with an activist song "Rebolusyon" with his Tanods.

And more photos from Dutdutan...

I also heard Dutdutan Day Two made the World Center Jam packed AGAIN! KUDOS to Tribal Gear and to all the Dutdutan Convention organizers and staffs for the 13 strong years of Dutdutan! (Photos by Benis Magcawas)