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PSSXV : A Royal Treat

Get one (1) exclusive add-on to your PULP SUMMER SLAM XV PULP Royalty Package! Available only if you register from April 1 -5 and buy your PR Package from April 6 - 17! Choose between these add-ons:

a. 1 FREE CD from Classic Rock Collection, Progressive Metal Collection or Metal Collection I and II (From PULP Live Records)
b. 1 Polaroid Photo with signature/dedication (to be taken by our staff) with your chosen PSSXV Local Artist 
c. 50% Discount Coupon in PULP Cult (for only one item)
d. Free 1 Year Worth Copy of PULP Magazine (choose from 2005-2014, excluding special issues)

*All details registered must match the details for the PULP Royalty Package

*Promo code given on the day of registration must match the one presented at PULP HQ.

*Free CD depends on what is available (you may check http://pulpliveworld.com/news/pulp/item/258-metal-collection-available-at-pulp-hq and http://pulpliveworld.com/news/pulp/item/251-progressive-metal-collection-available-at-pulp-hq for reference)

*Discount in PULP Cult Items depends on what is available and cannot be used in conjuction with other existing discount promos (you may check www.pulpliveworld.com/shop for selection of item)

*Photo with local band will be scheduled and must be strictly followed to avoid delays.

* Free One Year Worth Copy of PULP Magazine is subject to availability (you may check 

*Registration starts from April 1 to April 5 only.

To register, fill-up this form

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