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Crystal Lake on PULP Magazine February 2015!

Written by: Laura Chan

Crystal Lake bring the chaos to the floor with a brand music video featuring Ikepy from Her Name In Blood for ‘Matrix’ – one of two tracks they’ve contributed to the Redline Riot 4-way split EP with Noisemaker, Survive Said The Prophet and Wrong City.

“… I think we just brushed up on our current style to achieve this sound. It will be “more heavy” than what we currently have out – heavier and more melodic.”

 “When performing live, we give it our all and play with maximum energy. We are extremely passionate. Maybe I don’t really know how we fare versus other bands, since I think everyone makes it cool, though I don’t really get it. I think that playing with all our power and having resolved to put everything into it is what makes us cool. Ever since, we’ve always done things with that passion. Because of this, that’s something I believe we won’t be beaten at.” 

“With just passion, we won’t lose!”

Do you think Matrix lived up to their promises?

Are you left wanting more?

If so, fret not! Instead, remember to snag a copy of PULP’s February 2015 issue next month for the full feature on the Tokyo hellraisers!

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