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Written by: Laura Chan

In the wake of another release in the Punk Goes Pop series, everyone is mad for covers yet again. So to cast away those Monday blues, here is a mixed bag of recent, as well as older remakes NOT from the Punk Goes… series, but just as fun.

* * * 

Holy Diver (Dio) by Killswitch Engage

It sounds very Killswitch, but retains the metal spirit of the original, doing more than justice to the late, great Ronnie James Dio in a modernised take of this iconic tune.




Rollin’ (Limp Bizkit) by Crystal Lake
Transforming the infamous nu-metal chart topper into an edgy hardcore tune and instant mood-upper that’s catchy and guaranteed to make you “bounce in the mosh pit”.




In My Eyes (Rufio) by Tonight Alive
Jenna’s strong set of lungs put a lively spin on an already catchy track in one of the Aussie pop-punkers’ earlier recordings. It’s worth a couple of repeat plays.




Carrion (Parkway Drive) by D At Sea
This ACOUSTIC Parkway Drive cover is probably the most popular song by ex-Confession guitarist, Doyle Perez’ new venture. Punters do “wall of hugs” instead of wall of death to this song (no joke).




Sabotage (Beastie Boys) by Cancer Bats
My favourite cover song in existence kicks the ass of not only the original, but every other cover of this. More fury, more speed, and enough distortion to convey that destructive vibe. Gangsta Bats!




Lean On Sheena (Avoid One Thing) by The Bouncing Souls
Did you even know this wasn’t a Souls original? The Jersey punks transformed a very soft piece  of work by Joe Gittleman’s (Mighty Mighty Bosstones’) side project into an addictive anthem of youthful nostalgia.




Black Tears (Edge of Sanity) by Heaven Shall Burn
Heaven Shall Burn replace Edge of Sanity’s progressive cleans with metalcore screams but maintain the killer riffs. Fans of the original tend to hate this and vice versa, but in a live setting, this really packs a punch.




There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths) by Citizen
One of the most popular and most-covered Smiths classic, Citizen’s stripped-back acoustic rendition of this quintessentially ‘80s love song is adequately emotional.

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