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Mayday Parade Live in Manila Recap Video has Easter Egg Inside!!!

Take a feels trip back to March 8 when once again Mayday Parade has swept Filipino fans off their feet. One wonderful night at SM Skydome, screams and shouts of excitement echoed all over the place as the five-piece American band perform songs from their latest album "Monsters In The Closet".

Filipino fans who did not let this golden moment pass lined up as early as 11am that day to see their favorite band. And they were not disappointed, Derek Sanders gave the most heart-warming line that night (watch the video, because the feels reading the line aren't the same as watching him say it and hearing his voice do so).

Well, you're probably still holding onto your tickets tightly by now, reminiscing in tears the ecstatic feeling of Mayday Parade Live in Manila. So here's what Derek Sanders was talking about back then, the easter egg of the video!

Ladies and genltmen, constituents of the Republic of the Feelippines...we give you Mayday Parade Live in Manila Recap Video. This is how much we love you.



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