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PULP is the best music and lifestyle magazine in the country. We have become synonymous to rock and roll as well as all things associated with it: the cutting edge music feats, the biggest parties, the loudest concerts, the wildest stories and the wackiest images. PULP has become a powerful brand name in itself.

Always wanting to try out how it is to work with PULP? Well... PULP Magazine is HIRING!

Interns for Summer 2014
We are now accepting applications for our summer internship program!

Web Zombies

☛ We need guys/gals who can code PHP/MySQL for hours and enjoys it because they are web zombies. :) To qualify, you must be breathing PHP for atleast a year. Your heart and brain must be web developed. An online portfolio of your projects is a plus. (Additional skillz: jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Facebook and Twitter APIs) (Super additional skillz: mobile apps)

Ninja Writers

☛ Can't control that itch to type or write your bizarre and wild ideas down? Well you'll be getting a good scratch here in PULP! To qualify, write a one-page article about the band you like and why you like them along with your resume! Must be able to jump through tall buildings, has lethal camouflage skills and most importantly, is able to identify the sarcasm of this last sentence.

Graphic Wizards

☛ We need artsy-fartsy muggles out there to be apprentices of PULP's Prodigal Graphic Wizards. Take out your magical pentabs and prepare a portfolio of your recent artworks/layouts. Include it to your resume when you apply!

Video Geek

☛ If you've got a passion for videos, can edit through hours of raw files and has a keen eye for detail then PULP is where you should be! And oh, geek here is a compliment.

Email us at careers@pulpmagazinelive.com with your cover letter and curriculum vitae (Additional: Portfolio for IT and Graphics, 1-page article for Writers).

Please use 'SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM' as the subject and state in the email how many hours you need.

Applications are open to college students, preferably lives in or near QC, and most importantly - enjoys music as much as we do.

First impressions will get you to where you want to be, so always give your best shot on the first step. To be frank and straightforward, we are PULP and you need to be amazing.

TIP: Please don't include Microsoft Office on your skills. SRSLY.


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