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LIVE LOUD! Bar Tour (1st Leg) Wrapup

We would like to express our gratitude to all those who made PULP’s LIVE LOUD Bar Tour debut happen last Tuesday, October 15, at Black King’s Bar. It was a fun and successful night despite of the heavy rains and the floods. Much love and respect to Silent Sanctuary, Flying Ipis, Banda Ni Kleggy, Milky Summer Farewell Fairweather and The 21’st Fever, their respective guests and to all the people who checked the gig out. Props also to all our sponsors: Pinoytuner and Dig Radio, Odyssey, Rakista and Rakista Radio and Gala Magazine, who gave us magazines for the raffle games.

Here are some shots from last Tuesday's show, LIVE LOUD! (Photos by: Archie Labordo)

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