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Your dream line-up for PULP Summer Slam 14 is at your hands!

The most anticipated metal festival in the country that delivered you pandemonium and anarchy comes back to bring you another chaotic event that would make rock history, PULP SUMMER SLAM 14!

Write to us what band you wish to see live at PULP SUMMER SLAM 14! E-mail us at letters@pulpmagazinelive.com together with:

1. The reason why you want your favorite band to fire up the stage of PSS14

2.  And  a photo of yourself showing your love and dedication to your chosen band

But it doesn’t end there! We will pick the most fun and creative write-up and get your story published on PULP Magazine! And who knows? Your favorite bands just might take over the Summer Slam stage this 2014!


See you at THE SLAM!


Note: Please use "PSS14 Dream Line-up" as your email title.

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