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Sneak Peek: ABRA featured on the cover of PULP Magazine!

Photos by Mark Terence Sy 
Lighting by ricky ladia 
Make-up for Abra and Posh by Cats del Rosario of Shu Uemura 
Make-up for Janica and Imee by Monique Jaramillo-Señeres 
Hair Styling by Den Den Perez 
Styling by Angela Muñoz 
Wardrobe by Lucky Doll Pin-up Lingerie (www.luckydollstore.com), Arianne Villabona, Stylist's Own, camp suki 
Shot at Victoria Court Suites, Pasig 
Featuring Posh Zara, Janica Buhain, Imee Schweighart
Video Shot and Edited by Tope Domingo

PULP September features rap wonder boy, ABRA! Grab your copy now!

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