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PULP Magazine is HIRING! Writers are welcome to apply!

PULP is the best music and lifestyle magazine in the country. We have become synonymous to rock and roll as well as all things associated with it: the cutting edge music feats, the biggest parties, the loudest concerts, the wildest stories and the wackiest images. PULP has become a powerful brand name in itself.

Ever wanted to be part of PULP's aweseome legacy? Well you just got lucky because... PULP Magazine is HIRING!

Editorial Position

Mr./Ms. Writer - If you've got an itch to type or write whatever good idea your brilliant mind comes up and you live and breath music as if it is oxygen in a carbon-filled planet then send in your resume along with a one-page article featuring your favorite band. Yeah so basically you have to be adept to the English language (no jejemons please) and must have a keen eye for detail. Arr!

This is a FULL TIME position. We're looking for people who'll be in-house geniuses!

Email us at with the requirements (resume and one-page article).

Applications are open to anyone who qualify with the conditions stated above, must have previous job experience, preferably lives in QC, and most importantly - enjoys music.

First impressions will get you to where you want to be, so always give your best shot on the first step. To be frank and straightforward, we are PULP and you need to be amazing.

TIP: Please don't make the biggest mistake of including Microsoft Office on your skills. Like SRSLY.


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