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PULP Magazine November Issue feat. PULP Summer Slam 13, OUT NOW!

Because we are so excited, we're making it official - we have dubbed next year's annual rock mecca as PULP Summer Slam 13: "Til Death Do Us Part!

Check out our uber-cool PSS13 cover image for the magazine: resident Master of Horrors Mr. Bones and Philia's Mona Munoz are a match made in heaven (or hell, depending on your perspective...), and we've taken pictures of their wicked wedding, while we asked some of our favorite musicians to recount their near-death experiences. Also, Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus are just about ready to unleash their newest material, and Staff Writer Kara Bodegon (who also art directed Mr. Bones' many photos inside this month's issue) was there for an exclusive interview.

Also in this month's issue, hip-hop's grand champion Gloc-9 addresses the masses and releases a masterpiece of an album, Kwento ng Makata, and introduces his new band, and new chapters in his life as one of the rightful heirs to the throne left behind by none other than the legendary Francis M. PULP Music Editor Cris Ramos asks Gloc anything and everything, as the rapper gamely expresses his opinions and feelings, telling it like it is.

And speaking of telling it like it is, the PULP pool of writers get busy, as they interview key music personalities like band managers, record label bosses, record store managers and online radio figures and ask all of them about the supposed "death of OPM," and their opinions on the sudden emergence of non-government groups who are supposedly out to "protect" local artists by fining local promoters and producers who encourage cultural exchange by bringing in foreign artists/shows. PULP dares to ask the questions and present the answers, while encouraging all of you to take a stand on the issue as well.

Of course, there's more music - local and foreign - and more artists featured in this packed November edition of PULP Magazine, so be sure to grab a copy at your favorite magazine stands and book stores for only PHP 150.

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