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PULP October Issue OUT NOW feat PSMS!

In tribute to amazing players in and outside the local and international rock genre, PULP Magazine puts the spotlight on the poster boys behind the electric guitar, the most iconic rock instrument there is. And we're not just featuring the international endorsers - who happen to be world-class shredders GUS G (of FIREWIND) and BUZZ MCGRATH (of UNEARTH), we're also putting our very own homegrown talents alongside these big hitters in the guitar world. Who are these lucky musicians? What gear do they use and what are their live rigs? We answer as much of your questions as we can, guitar fans.

For fans of good ol' radio-friendly pop/rock, 6CYCLEMIND is back and are about to try something different from their usual fare. Don't ask us what, just read al about it here.

The triumphant return of local rock outfit SALAMIN, who made their comeback at the recently held Bazooka Rocks Indoor Music Festival. PULP's queries of what happened in not-so-distant past and what the band is looking- forward-to are answered, plus a sidebar about Salamin members' instrumental side project SOJU can be read here. Oh, did we mention that MEGADETH was in town? EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE HERE!!!


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