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Ask Matt Halpern of Periphery and get your questions answered on PULP!

Matt Halpern is one of metal's most sought after drum teachers. He formerly played drums for Animals as Leaders, and he now plays drums for Periphery. Matt is the epitome of modern metal drummer - he posses a great blend of feel, chops, speed, power and dynamics. He is a Meinl and Mapex endorser and is founder and a drum instructor of Bandhappy.com. PULP welcomes Matt into the PULP Magazine family as he now joins Paolo Gregoletto and Mike Schleibaum with his very own advice column, ASK THE DRUMMER.

Ask Matt Halpern about his drum techniques, band, and anything under the sun and read his answers in PULP Magazine's months issues. Just post your questions on the comments section below and get a chance to win answers from Matt himself! If you prefer, you could email your questions to askmatthalpern@pulpmagazinelive.com.

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