• Cambridge

    Australian pop punk band Cambridge can’t wait to bring a whole lot of fun and partying to the Philippines for Bazooka Rocks V!

  • The Young Renegades Tour Kickoff In London

    No idea what to expect at #ATLinManila2017 this August? Here’s what went down at the kickoff of All Time Low’s Young Renegades Tour in London!

  • With Confidence

    With Confidence guitarist (and our fellow Filipino!) Iñigo Del Carmen shares his excitement about coming back to Manila to join Bazooka Rocks V!

  • Shadow Moses

    Here’s the lowdown on the three-headed nerdcore beast that is Shadow Moses.

  • State Champs

    This is it—they may have been around the world and back but you all should brace yourselves for State Champs’ first time playing in the Philippines at Bazooka Rocks V!

  • Army Of One

    Army of One shine the light in the midst of commotion and chaos.

  • The Maine

    We celebrate 10 years of The Maine with their brand new album Lovely Little Lonely. This coming Bazooka Rocks V, we look forward to seeing them in Skydome!

  • Trinidad

    Long-time band Trinidad speaks with former PULP Editor Joey Dizon.

Can we also get them to play in the LRT/MRT? Watch Wormrot's performance at the Earache Express below:

Fall Out Boy goes on a skate sesh with Post Malone.

The 36-minute documentary tells the story of Darkest Hour and includes interviews and footage of their homecoming anniversary show at The Black Cat in D.C.

Arch Enemy have revealed the artwork for their upcoming tenth studio album, 'Will To Power.'

Legendary hardcore act Hatebreed just put out the music video for the track 'Seven Enemies' from their phenomenal 2016 album 'The Concrete Confessional.'

Gwar's latest single is a tribute to late frontman and 'the greatest rock and roll singer to ever live,' Oderus Urungus.

The Devil Wears Prada go sci-fi for their music video of 'Worldwide.' Watch:


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